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Conscious Dance Mondays


7:00-9:00 pm

Dance Concept Studio

230-230A Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai

Enjoy guided impromptu dancing and curated music. Since January 2018, our dedicated dancers have been practicing their weekly movement meditation on the spacious hardwood dance floor in the heart of Hong Kong Island. Down to earth and expanding, we welcome newcomers like you.

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Sunset CD

Sunset Conscious Dance

Lamma Outdoors, 

Date TBA

We dance together freely in nature as the sun sets. Birds, frogs, sea breezes and waves add a sonic layer to our curated music.

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Auntie Rising

Aunties Rising
Lamma Outdoors, TBA

Conscious Dance for foreign domestic workers and their guests 

Free of Charge

Dance with your friends to awaken your senses and free your spirit! We provide music, gentle guidance and a safe space for you to express yourself fully.

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Live Music

Live Music & Dance Jam

Mui Wo, Lantau

Date TBA

Learn the art of improvisation while playing music and dancing in a gently guided  and supportive group.

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Jungle Dance

Jungle Dance Weekend

Ark Eden, Lantau

Date TBA

A conscious dance and expressive arts retreat in a pristine setting



Flo Vinton, Thomas Vinton, Liane Mah


  • Take the time you need to find perspective and peace

  • Immerse yourself in the loving embrace of nature

  • Explore innovative ways to get in touch with your creativity through movement, voice and senses

  • Give yourself and others the healing power of presence and connection 

  • Experience a dynamic range of activities across different landscapes

  • Discover a tucked-away paradise ​that whispers abundance through its infinite flora and fauna

Zoom CD

Conscious Dance in English and Putonghua


Date TBA


Flo Vinton, Thomas Vinton, Liane Mah

Experience the benefits of conscious dance online with a curated eclectic playlist and a supportive guidance that allow participants to focus on their own body sensations and movements. Absolutely suited to beginners, this practice has no specific steps to follow and pressures no one to perform. We encourage you to dance your own dance.

Gaia Dance

Gaia Dance

Date TBA

Day-long retreat


Flo Vinton, Thomas Vinton, Liane Mah

A guided journey into the secret terrain of Lantau Island

Rewild with us as we let our inner tiger purr, roar, spring and pounce.

Immerse yourself in nature to enjoy moving and sounding in exquisite locations.

Co-Create art moments inspired by nature.

Picnic with new friends in an idyllic setting.

Rain or Shine!

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