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music, movement, drama & art ... in french and english


Muse Circle is available to animate your special events with a creative edge.

Salle Vasse, Nantes

Salle Vasse, Nantes

Their events are always uplifting and fun. Everyone has the opportunity to participate without feeling forced to. We wanted a very particular theme, and they came through with just the right visuals, songs, dances, and drama games that brought the whole party together.
— Pascale Canfrere, Family Physician, Nantes, France

First (and 50th) Birthdays

Music and movement activities are a great way to mark that very special first in a child’s life, and older children and adults love to move to the sounds of a soloist or live band playing songs tailored to their taste.


Corporate Team Building

Sometimes people just need to get out of their heads and into their bodies, and arts activities led by understanding facilitators can help push a team past their inhibitions into the creative zone.


All Ages Events

We are all about bringing the generations together, and a group sing along, drum circle, art project or round of skits can help families and friends bond in ways they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to.  

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