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music, movement, drama & art ... in french and english

Muse Circle is now offering extracurricular activities at the Canadian International School and The Harbour School.

Atelier du Coteau, Nantes

Atelier du Coteau, Nantes

Without speaking a word of French to the students, Flo and Tom brought English to life during our weekly music and movement sessions, and the kids loved performing on stage with them at the end of the school year.
— Baptiste Fresneau, Extracurricular Director, Ecole Sainte Madeleine, Nantes, France



Our French, English, and bilingual early childhood music and movement classes enable children to develop rhythm, pitch, melody, language, coordination, interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, and academic readiness.



Discovering the world through song, dance, and interactive play, we introduce students to cultural elements, in context, developing language skills and self expression by doing the fun things native speakers do.


Primary Schools

Creating projects and telling stories through pictures and video clips, students explore themselves, their environment, and far away places to learn about culture and acquire new language skills.

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