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music, movement, drama & art ... in french and english


Muse Circle is now accepting requests from individuals for private and group lessons.

Private Residence, Hong Kong

Private Residence, Hong Kong

The girls are able to draw, cook and play with Flo whilst conversing in their new language, and I watch, amazed, as five very lively boys listen with such intent to Thomas, expressing excitement to be able to play the myriad of different instruments on offer.
— Alex Shaw, Mother, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong



We travel to homes and neighborhood multi-purpose rooms around Hong Kong to lead you, your children, and friends in creative, multilingual activities that help you bond and develop hidden talents.


Active Conversations

We conduct our French and English conversation classes while engaging in activities that keep our minds off the difficulties of learning a language: doodling, baking, singing, hiking or sipping wine.  


Music Lessons & Jam Bands

From piano soloists to acoustic duos and rock bands, our music students learn to groove, gain confidence, and develop songwriting skills for a lifetime of personal enjoyment and stage readiness.

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